6 BIG Reasons Why You Should Shop SMALL Every Day

  1. Small businesses give back (more) to your community
    When you support a local business, you’re also supporting your town, city, and neighborhood. Business pay sales taxes to the city and county the business is located in. Stray to a big box business elsewhere and that money isn’t benefiting your community at all. Plus, that tax money is used to support public schools, parks, roads, and sidewalks, as well as fund public service workers, like firefighters.
  2. Small businesses make a major economic impact
    As mentioned above, more than half of the U.S.’s jobs since 1995 were created by small businesses. And according to the SBA, since 1990, big businesses eliminated 4 million jobs, while small businesses added 8 million jobs. The more you shop at a local store, the more potential job opportunities you could help them provide.
  3. Small businesses provide better customer service
    Small business owners strive to survive and one of the biggest advantages they have over large retailers is the ability to provide more personable, hands-on, and memorable customer service.
  4. Small businesses provide greater access to product diversity
    Small businesses have just as much access to vendors (who also determine pricing, not stores) that big box businesses do. If a small business doesn’t have the products you want or need, ask them – they’re also usually much more receptive and willing to order them for you.
  5. Small businesses create a sense of community
    You’re much more likely to get to know a small business owner in your neighborhood. The second most popular desire amongst urbanites is a stronger sense of community – number one being more local restaurants.

And, the biggest reason of all...

You are going to feel good!
Would you rather feel the pang of guilt buying so-so coffee from Starbucks or a lifeless burger at McDonalds, or be entirely satisfied with your latte made with love from a local coffee shop, and a bangin’ burger from the locally owned restaurant?

Colleen is the Content Marketing Manager and Editor-in-Chief at Fivestars